We’re looking forward to welcoming you into our friendly Las Cruces Hearing Center for your hearing assessment.

You’ll be greeted by our friendly team where you may be asked to wait in a comfortable waiting room. You’ll then be taken into a private office to discuss your hearing concerns with Paula C. Rogers, BC-HIS and have a simple hearing assessment.

A hearing assessment is a quick and painless non-invasive test to see how well you hear different sounds. You’ll either pass or fail the assessment. If you pass, you do not need to do anything else. If you fail, you may need more testing to see if you have a hearing loss.

We’ll then be able to discuss the results and carry out more tests if required.


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hearing assessments

the different types of hearing assessments available

otoscope assessment

Our video otoscope assessment offers you a chance to view the workings of your own ear canal via a large monitor. Other than this being fascinating, it also helps you to better understand the inner workings of your own ear, and how to take care of your hearing health. If there is wax, we can show you where and how much. If there is a possible infection, we can show you what we are talking about so that you can talk to your physician about it.

Air Conduction assessment

In this hearing assessment we use headphones or earphones to present tones to each of your ears in turn. We will ask you to let us know every time you hear one of these tones. What we are looking for here is the softest place the tone can be heard 50% of the time.


With an oscillator placed on the mastoid bone (this is the bone situated directly behind the ear), tones are presented to you once again. This test bypasses the outer and middle ear and tests the inner ear directly.  If there is any kind of gap between the Air Conduction threshold and the Bone Conduction threshold, we may refer you to a physician or an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist (ENT).


This hearing assessment will help us to work out the volume at which you receive sound of the best quality – meaning a volume that offers you clear and comfortable sound. This test is vital in selecting the appropriate hearing aid to suit your needs, and to set the aid to your specific hearing requirements and hearing solutions.


This hearing assessment can be done with tones and/or speech. The purpose of this test is to gauge when sounds become uncomfortable for you to hear. This is also vital in selecting the appropriate hearing aid to suit your needs, and to set the aid to your specific hearing requirements and hearing solutions.

Speech reception threshold

This hearing assessment will seek out the softest volume at which you can correctly repeat words 50% of the time. This helps to back up the results from your Air Conduction assessment.


Unaided: We will read a list of words into each ear and/or both ears together to get an idea of what percentage of speech you are currently receiving. This is usually performed on open ears but can also be a way of testing the hearing aids you are currently using.
Aided:  A comparable list of words is read just as above with new hearing aids or demo hearing aids to get an idea of how your speech reception improves with their use.


Tones and/or speech are presented through a speaker in a booth. These can be presented to ears alone, with old hearing aids and even new hearing aids for comparison and to measure improvement for realistic expectations.  Rest assured, the information given to us by these hearing assessments give us a well-rounded view of your current hearing ability. That said, these results are essential for us to give you the most realistic expectations with your new hearing system offering you the best hearing solution.


We offer a complimentary cleaning service for hearing aids of any make. And, if your current hearing devices are in need of tuning, we offer service contracts to cover all your needs.  We have access to programming to most manufacturers, and therefore are able to test and fine tune your hearing devices for you!

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