It certainly isn’t unusual to feel nervous about a new situation, and we all feel it to some degree. Add health into the equation, and it is no wonder only 16% of the Americans that need hearing aids have actually gotten them. We are here to break down the barriers and provide a friendly, approachable service that you feel confident using.

We figure the best place to start is by letting you know exactly what to expect at your hearing evaluation, which tests we undertake, what they involve and what they mean. We believe informed patients are happier patients, so we will make every effort to communicate our expert knowledge to you.

Air Conduction Test

We use headphones to detect the tones you are able to hear. You communicate to your specialist every time you hear a tone. The aim is to find the softest volume where you can hear the tone 50% of the time.

Bone Conduction Test

We place an electric oscillator on the mastoid bone, which has air-containing spaces. This tiny bone is found just behind each of your ears. We then repeat the above tone testing, which this time focuses on your inner ear. This test will let us know if there may be any medical or surgical treatment for your hearing.

Word Recognition Score

There are two successive types of this test: aided and unaided. The unaided version involves your specialist reading a list of words into each ear, which will be either completely natural or you will have your old hearing aid in. The aided version is then conducted, using a potential new aid, to measure the levels of improvement in your recognition.

Speech Reception Threshold

This test is used to double down on your results from the Air Conduction Test, and will check which words you are able to repeat at the lowest volume, 50% of the time.

Most Comfortable Level (MCL)

This test focuses on the levels of volume you are able to hear and will show us the extent of any hearing loss. Results of this test vary substantially, so the results are very precise.

Uncomfortable Level (UCL)

We need to find out where sound starts to become uncomfortable for you. Don’t worry: this is as gentle as our other tests, and gives us parameters to work with, to create the best solution for you.

Sound Field Testing

Finally, this test is conducted within a booth, through speakers and is used to verify the results of all of the previous tests conducted.


Our tests are comprehensive and effective, yet gentle, non-invasive and painless.Take the next step towards better hearing and book a hearing evaluation with Celestial Hearing now.