Do you have hearing loss? If so, have you been considering opting out of the traditional Thanksgiving gathering? Most people look forward to Thanksgiving each year. If you have hearing loss however, the feeling of excitement could be replaced with dread.

Being in a crowded room or around a dinner table is a difficult experience. Noise levels can go through the roof making it hard to hear what people are saying. You could end up feeling isolated, anxious, self-conscious or embarrassed.

It’s no wonder then that you may feel like you’d rather skip the events of the day. However, before you say no to that Thanksgiving dinner invitation, it’s worth considering these simple tips. They could help you not only survive but enjoy this year’s celebrations. We have 4 to try before the event and 4 during the event.


Before the day:


Let your host know if you’re feeling worried and tell them what will help you, such as keeping the background music down a bit. Explain that concentrating on group conversations can be really tiring so you’ll probably need to take a couple of breaks in a quiet space.


Catch more of the conversation on the day by getting your hearing aids checked and cleaned by our team at Celestial Hearing.

Get set

Choosing the right setting on your hearing aids or turning up the volume may be all you need to hear more in a group situation.

Stock up

Batteries. Your hearing aids won’t do their job without these bad-boys. Having a couple of spares with you can save the day if yours run out of juice.


On the day:



Choosing the right seat can make the world of difference. One that gives you a good view of everyone will help with following the conversation. Politely ask to swap seats with someone if they’ve got the perfect position.


Let people know about your hearing loss and ask them to speak louder. If they have no idea you’re struggling they won’t be able to help you. Making your hearing needs clear not only helps you, it helps those around you be understanding and helpful.


Don’t struggle with a group conversation when you don’t need to. Either side of the turkey dinner, take the chance to grab one-to-one conversations in a quieter space.

Chip in

Helping with the prep or washing up can be a great way to stay involved and give you a conversation break.

Hopefully these tips can help you enjoy your Thanksgiving this year. A huge part of enjoying your day is communication. Let people know about your hearing needs. You might be surprised at how much it can help you. Draw people’s attention to hearing protection too to save them from hearing loss. Be the hearing guardian angel of the party by bringing earplugs for the fireworks.

From everyone here at Celestial Hearing, happy Thanksgiving!