My name is Paula and I set up Celestial Hearing to serve those who need hearing support. Being a health care professional means that your motivation usually relies on wishing yourself out of a job. Good practitioners want their patients to have excellent hearing health throughout their lives. That’s why I offer advice to protect your hearing, as well as solutions for any hearing difficulties.


Think of your ears as delicate

It’s easier to respond with compassion when we know something is beautiful and delicate. Think of the intricacy and precision of your hearing apparatus. They include wonderful shapes, fine hairs, and a sensitive pool of liquid. Working together, they pick up and process sounds within the human range. When they get damaged, this range gets smaller. This affects the richness of your experience.

If you get a feel for the fragility of your auditory system, you will tend towards protection. This is the first step I recommend when it comes to changes to your lifestyle. This attitude helps to motivate you towards some of the other steps you can take such as those below.


Keep your ears dry

It’s great to take a dip when temperatures skyrocket here in New Mexico. When you do, watch out for waterlogged ears. If you get water trapped, try and clear it as soon as possible. Do this by lying on your side for a while and moving your head until it releases.

Consistent water logging may lead to an unwanted protective response from the body such as a buildup of earwax. If this happens, your hearing may suffer, and you might need to have your ears cleared. The best way to prevent all this is to wear earplugs while you’re swimming.


Turn down the volume

Immersing yourself in a bit of loud music can be stimulating and relaxing for some people. It’s not so great for your ears though. In the long-term, high volumes are going to affect your ability to hear any sound at all. All you need to do is moderate your experience a little. Try 60% volume for no more than 60 minutes to enjoy some sounds that won’t damage your ears.

If you experience consistent or loud noise at work, you can ask for ear protection and intermittent breaks. This helps prevent hearing issues.


Let’s talk

When you us at Celestial Hearing, I can then make personal recommendations for steps you can take to protect your hearing. Give me a call at (877) 372-7730 to book an appointment with myself or Regina.