Facebook, Netflix, smartphones, and online banking are but a mere sample of the technological advances we enjoy in our daily lives, existing oh so simultaneously to do one thing: Improve the ease, convenience, and lives of the users.

  • Facebook: Bulk connect with friends.
  • Netflix: Bulk watch movies at home.
  • Smartphones: Bulk do on the go.
  • Online Banking: Bulk manage finances in one place.

And up until now, the world of hearing aid technology has fallen somewhat short.

But, as this new announcement in hearing aids advancement has just been released, it’s clear that our hearing aid solutions can now be deemed part of this exciting epidemic of widespread convenience…

Introducing the groundbreaking: ReSound’s LiNX Quattro™.

But why was a groundbreaking new device needed?

To understand that, you must first understand this:

As hearing aid specialists, we know the struggles our patients have with their hearing aids, which usually fall into one or more of these three categories:

  1. The sound isn’t clear enough and noisy environments are too overwhelming.
  2. The battery life’s too short making mobility a real issue.
  3. It’s hard to listen to music, watch videos, or listen to anything on a cell phone/tablet.

As the technology wasn’t advanced enough to combat these issues, it was just something we all had to “deal” with.

However, now this brand-new advancement in technology has been created that actively addresses all the flaws in today’s hearing aids and combats them with something so powerful, so sleek, and so technologically impeccable, it really does mean that the lives of our patients are going to be improved simply by wearing them.

And the result?

Firstly, they’ve created the most powerful, long-lasting rechargeable hearing aids on the market.

Previously, the best you could hope for was 15-24 hours of charge (much less if they were tasked with streaming music/calls) – but ReSound has blown this record out of the park with an incredible 30 hours of battery life.

They can even hold their charge for 24 hours if you’re streaming for 50% of the time – making them the most powerful hearing aids ever created.

In addition, the LiNX Quattro™ comes with a small, pocket-friendly case allowing you to charge your batteries at any time.

A truly market-leading feature if ever there was one.

Secondly, the amazing ReSound app syncs with both Apple and Android devices.

One of the great things about ReSound’s LiNX product range is the ability to connect your hearing aids to your Apple device, so that you can stream music, podcasts, or calls directly from your cell/tablet to your hearing aids.

However, these features have only been available to Apple users.

But with the new ReSound LiNX Quattro, you can now connect your hearing aids to your Android device. With 60% of all cell phones in the US being Android, this opens a world of possibilities.

This also allows you to take advantage of ReSound’s app that links directly with your hearing aids, allowing you to check battery power, personalize your hearing aids, sooth tinnitus through soothing background noise, and find misplaced hearing aids.

The best part is, your hearing aids can also be remotely fine-tuned using ReSound Assist, which allows your hearing specialist to control your devices, remotely fix any problems, or help without you having to travel for an appointment.

And finally, and arguably, most importantly, the sound quality has never been clearer.

The biggest issue with hearing aids up until now is that, even with the anti-distortion settings et al, crowded, noisy places still meant that aids wearers struggled to pick out individual conversations or sounds, which seriously impacted upon their enjoyment in social surrounds.

Well, with the new LiNX Quattro’s “Level of Sound” feature, when you see anti-distortion, you GET anti-distortion, which now makes it possible to feel comfortable in restaurants and social places, as you’ll understand fully what’s being said.

Not only are these hearing aids the most technologically advanced on the market, they’re now the market leaders in sleek design and appearance, with the choice of 14 colors ranging from discreet skin-colored ones to more vividly dramatic ones.

Whichever combination you choose, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that investing in LiNX Quattro™ means you’re investing in, quite truthfully, the best hearing aids in the world, leaving you to enjoy the most important things in your life, completely uninterrupted by your ears.

What Do We Think?

We’ve just started fitting our first few patients with this breakthrough technology and their reaction when they experience the increased sound quality is truly tear-jerking!

Here’s what Paul C. Rogers thinks:

“ReSound LiNX Quattro utilizes the full microphone range allowing sound to be processed in a cleaner way – free of distortion. From the bustling street to the quiet theatre – conversations are easier to focus on.

They keep going all-day with the world’s longest-lasting rechargeable solution. And the new rechargeable case hold up to three additional charges for your hearing aids. And if you have dexterity problems, you never have to open/close a battery door or change a battery. You just place it in the charger. BRILLIANT!! (I love it!)

The ReSound Smart APP is also AMAZING.  It is the best and most user-friendly app I have ever seen. This app will allow you to adjust some frequencies in situations to help you hear more clearly.”

Schedule Your Demonstration

If seeing is believing, hearing certainly is, and we’d be delighted to show you how incredible these hearing aids are by inviting you to a demonstration.

During your demonstration, we’ll fit you with LiNX Quattro™ hearing aids and show you how they work, how they charge, and how they seamlessly sync to your Apple or Android devices.

You can experience the sound quality, you can trial them, and if you decide that you’d like to have this incredible technology full-time or trade your current devices in for an upgrade, we can have a conversation to see how we can help.

The anticipation is certainly over – Schedule your demonstration by clicking here or call us at (575) 915-1112.