To a certain extent, hearing loss is unavoidable. As we get older, many of our body’s functions start to decline, and our ability to hear is one of them. Hearing loss can also be a cause of several other factors such as genetic disorders, ear trauma, or even damage from loud noises. We often believe that the decline in our ability to hear is inevitable. However, some helpful tips and insights will help you better preserve your hearing or stop the progression of already occurring hearing loss.


Learn the signs and symptoms of hearing loss

The first step in preventing hearing loss is to educate yourself on the signs and symptoms. The earlier you know the causes, dangers, and effects associated with hearing loss, the better you can protect yourself from experiencing it. Also, lots of individuals that are experiencing hearing loss are unaware that they are. They are uneducated on the signs of hearing loss, so they can’t detect when there is a problem. Hearing loss occurs gradually, so the sooner you know you have a hearing problem, the earlier deterioration can be stopped, and help can be sought. This includes knowing when it’s time to get a hearing test.


Listen to your Friends and Family

The ones closest to you are more conscious of the changes in yourself than you are. Hearing loss is a gradual process, so it goes unnoticed by you, but the individuals closest to you can notice when you start turning the TV volume up louder than usual. Or maybe you have asked them to repeat themselves more and more often. Listen to your friends and family members, and schedule an appointment to get your hearing tested.


Be Aware of Genetics

If your family has a history of hearing loss disorders, then you will have a higher likelihood of developing a hearing condition as well. You must ready yourself and become prepared. Consulting with myself or Regina can help you learn more about hearing loss and help you reduce your chances of developing a hearing condition.

The tips previously stated are to educate yourself better and to understand more about hearing loss. My next suggestions are useful for hearing loss prevention.


Wear Hearing Protection

In our modernized society, loud and potentially harmful sounds are all around us. From our lawnmowers to local constructions to loudspeakers at events, we are constantly bombarded with sounds. In the United States, 1 in 8 over the age of 12 experiences hearing loss. Our modern society puts our ears at risk, and perhaps the most helpful tip in actively preventing hearing loss is to use ear protection. Hearing protection protects your ears from the harmful noises in everyday life and helps preserve your hearing. Forms of hearing protection include noise-canceling headphones, earplugs, and earmuffs. We also offer our own custom hearing protection, so don’t hesitate to pop by and get your own!


Avoid Loud, Prolonged Noises

In addition to wearing hearing protection, avoiding potentially harmful sounds altogether is a great way to prevent the decline of your hearing. For example, if you know that there is a substantial construction project that passes by a street on your way to work, try to take a different route. If your music is loud, turn it down to a safe level. The level of noise you experience can have either an immediate effect or a slow yet cumulative effect on your hearing. Both harm your overall ear health and should be avoided when possible.


Protect Your Ears

While discussing hearing loss, it is inevitable that you also talk about your ears themselves. Your ears are always exposed and are a very vulnerable part of your body. Protecting your ears, themselves, from trauma and weather conditions are crucial to preserving your hearing. This means wearing ear-warmers or muffs in cold weather and wearing some form of ear protection while playing sports.


Take Care of Yourself

Age and ear traumas are not the only factor that contributes to hearing loss. Your overall health also plays a vital role. Better overall health means that your body will function more appropriately, and the quality of your hearing can be better preserved. Eat well, stay active, and see how your body repays you!


Hearing Aids

Despite their negative stigma, hearing aids are a great way to prevent the progression of your hearing loss further. Some forms of hearing loss cause a part of your ear to be underused. Hearing aids assist the underused part and prevent the decay of other parts of the ear as well. Hearing aids can benefit not only your physical health but your social and mental health as well.


Get Tested

One of the essential things to hinder the progression of hearing loss and to prevent it from occurring in the first place is to get your hearing tested annually. As we age, our bodies naturally decline, and getting annual testings can help identify hearing loss early on and prevent its progression. At Celestial Hearing, we are readily available to schedule an appointment for you. We would be happy to sit down with you afterward and help you understand your hearing situation and help you hear clear for now and the future.