Testing, testing, 1…2…3. Can you hear me? If you’re lucky enough to be able to hear perfectly well, it can actually be difficult to imagine how much your life would change without that perfect hearing.

Experiencing a hearing loss can affect every area of your life, from how on the ball you are at a work meeting, to being able to keep up with a friendly conversation at a busy bar.

Some of us are in not-so-healthy habits when it comes to our hearing, and this may lead to preventable hearing loss in the future. Here are some handy tips to keep those ears nice and healthy:


Protect your own ears

The human ear can only stand a certain level of volume before damage starts to be done. Everyday events like mowing the lawn, being on a construction site, using a saw, or attending a concert could all cause lasting damage. Wearing hearing protection is the ideal solution, but if that isn’t possible, try walking as far away from the sound as practical to lessen its effects.


Protect the ears of others

If your kids just love blasting out music via their headphones, how about buying them some that have a safe volume limit? Their ears will soon adjust and it will feel just as loud. When you’re attending that concert with your friends, why not bring more than one pair of earplugs if you’re planning to stand right by the speaker?


Stub out that cigarette

We all know the long list of reasons to quit smoking, and hearing loss is another.  Smoking constricts your blood vessels, meaning your circulation becomes disrupted and oxygen is cut off from vital cells, including hair cells in the ear. These cells play an important role in your ability to hear.


Know the signs

Are you always turning up the volume when speaking on the phone? Or maybe the TV seems to be getting quieter? Perhaps you keep mishearing people, and asking them to repeat themselves is getting a little embarrassing? If you recognize the initial signs of hearing loss, you are more likely to address the problem nice and early.  Which leads us to…


Get yourself checked

Come and see one of our friendly, highly trained Audiologists here at Celestial Hearing. We will undertake a series of tests to assess the strength of your hearing in many ways, and talk you through the best options for you.