It’s a whole new world of sounds with your new hearing aids. If you’ve been struggling with a hearing loss for some time, you may have been really excited to finally get a set of hearing aids. But now that you’ve got them, has that excitement given way to feeling overwhelmed? Are you questioning whether getting hearing aids was actually the right decision to make?

We’re here to tell you that yes, it was. Your quality of life is certain to improve, but there is a period of adjustment.

At Celestial Hearing, we are here to help you through these initial stages so that you can enjoy great hearing health for years to come.

So how can you get to grips with your hearing aids as soon as possible?


Stay on schedule

When you first get your hearing aids, we’ll let you know how long to wear them for every day for the first few weeks. You’ll gradually increase the amount of time you spend wearing your hearing aids and this will help you adjust to the waves of new sounds, some of which you may not have experienced for years.


Retrain your brain

Hearing doesn’t just involve your ears. All those sounds get processed by your brain. Your brain will go through a period of retraining itself to understand those sounds. All that brainpower being used up may leave you feeling tired. It’s like training for a race; the first time you go for a run you feel exhausted, but with every run your muscles adapt and soon it becomes enjoyable. So give yourself and your brain time to adjust. The tiredness will give way to joy as you experience the richness of sounds around you.


Get to know your hearing aids

Your hearing aids can almost be considered an extension of yourself, so get to know them. Practice taking them off and putting them on. Familiarize yourself with the various parts of your hearing aids and the programs available. If you find you can’t hear properly with them, check that wax isn’t blocking the microphone, adjust the volume, and have a play with the program settings. If you can’t see an obvious issue but things still don’t sound quite right, come see us. This brings us to our final tip.


Keep in touch

Schedule appointments to see us now and again. We’ll check that all is well and if it isn’t we can help by refitting your hearing aids or reprogramming them. Once you have adjusted to your hearing aids, we’ll still be here to help with repairs, maintenance, and upgrades over the years.

Above all, go easy on yourself.


Regaining clarity of hearing is wonderful but it is also a process. Give yourself time to get there. We are certain you will and are always here to help, so get in touch with us at Celestial Hearing whenever you need help with your hearing aids.