We’ve all been there, sat around the tree, you tear open the wrapping paper and are presented with…a candle, lotion, a fancy notepad, and the list of boring gifts goes on. As disappointing as it is being on the receiving end of such a gift, no-one really wants to be the one to give a gift to a loved one that says ‘this was a last-minute purchase’ or ‘I really don’t know what you’d like’. If your loved one has hearing loss it can seem even harder to find a gift that they’d find useful, thoughtful and that shows how much you care.

Not to worry, at Celestial Hearing we’ve channeled our inner Santa and have come up with a list of great gift ideas that are great for anyone with a loss of hearing.


Make it a good morning

A lie in is great but waking up late for that work meeting or social get-together, not so much. You can help out your loved one with hearing loss by getting them a vibrating alarm clock, a sleek little device that slips under their pillow, is wirelessly connected to their cell and vibrates when the alarm goes off.


It isn’t just foreign movies that come with captions

For loved ones with hearing loss a captioned phone at home can take the stress out of talking on the phone, so they can stay in touch with friends and family long after the holiday season is over.


Couch time

Who doesn’t love relaxing on the couch with friends or family in front of a good movie? Perhaps not your loved one with hearing loss if they feel too embarrassed to turn up the volume. That’s where ‘TV Ears’ come in, wireless headphones that let your loved one turn up the volume just for themselves.


Group gift

How about everybody putting money in together so your loved one can get something that will help them chat on the phone, watch TV, hear the alarm clock and a whole lot more. What is this all-in-one solution? ReSound Linx Quattro hearing aids. With these state-of-the-art hearing aids, they’ll be able to hear everything more clearly and with greater depth and richness. They’ll be able to stream audio straight from their phone and adjust their hearing aid settings with a nifty app on their cell. And that’s not to mention the accessories.


Always accessorize

If your loved one already has ReSound hearing aids, why not make their life even easier with the ReSound TV Streamer 2, Multi Mic or Phone Clip+?

The TV Streamer 2 streams stereo sound from their TV directly into their hearing aids for the ultimate home entertainment experience. The Phone Clip+ uses Bluetooth to stream any kind of audio from their cell into their hearing aids, making phone calls clearer and music more vivid. While the Multi Mic makes following multiple conversations easier, even against background noise, like the bustle of a family dinner.

With these gift ideas, there’s no chance you’ll be labeled a Grinch this year. In fact, you may find that your loved one with hearing loss remembers for years to come thanks to the thought and care you’ve put into getting them the perfect gift.

For advice on hearing aids or indeed for help keeping yours and your loved ones hearing health in check so you can all enjoy the sounds of the holidays, give us a call on (575) 915-1112 to find out how. Healthy hearing really is the gift that keeps on giving.