When was the last time you had a hearing assessment? Perhaps you’ve never had one. You might assume you don’t need one, but stop and think for a moment. Do you need the volume on the TV louder than you used to? This is just one of the many signs that it might be a good idea to have a hearing test.

Here at Celestial Hearing Solutions, we see lots of people who were convinced they didn’t have a problem with their hearing… until they had a hearing test. It can be hard to spot the signs of a hearing loss at first, but catching it early gives you the best chance of treating it before it gets worse.


Signs of a hearing loss

What should you look out for? The TV volume is an obvious one, but there are lots of other little signs that you’re not hearing as well as you did. Do you find it hard to understand what someone is saying when you’re talking on the phone or in another room? In other words, when you can’t see their face. You would be surprised how much us humans use lip-reading without noticing it. You may think you can hear conversations just fine, but take away the option to read lips and facial expressions, and it could be much harder to understand what is being said.

Busy environments can make things difficult, too. If you find yourself getting confused by all the sounds and different conversations in a busy restaurant, for example, it is a good idea to book yourself a hearing test.

Some people also experience tinnitus with a hearing loss – a ringing in the ears that won’t go away.


Why a hearing test is so important

There are many things that can cause a hearing loss. Age is a big one, as is exposure to loud noises, but there are much smaller, easier to fix causes too. It could be as simple as a buildup of wax, or liquid in the inner ear. Some diseases and medications can cause a hearing loss too. The important thing to know is that the sooner it is discovered, the easier it is to treat and prevent further damage.

Hearing loss can have a profound effect on your life, which is another reason to book that hearing test sooner, rather than later. Hearing loss makes your brain work extra hard to figure out what is being said, which can lead to headaches, fatigue, and cognitive difficulties. You may find yourself withdrawing, avoiding social situations, and becoming isolated. Hearing loss can put a strain on relationships with loved ones, and lead to depression. None of that sounds good, so when a simple hearing test could prevent it from happening, there’s really no reason to wait.


Book a test today

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