At Celestial Hearing, we provide personalized hearing evaluations so that you get a treatment plan and product recommendations that are as unique as you are. Our small, friendly team look forward to welcoming you to our clinic which is based in La Cruces.

Once you have had an assessment with us, one of the things that we may talk to you about is the type of hearing aid that you want. With the various available styles, some are more closely suited to certain types or levels of hearing loss than others. However, you may also be able to choose one that is at least partially based on your personal preferences.

The main difference between the types of hearing aids is where each one is situated in relation to the ear when it is in position.


Behind the ear or receiver in the canal (BTE or RIC)

This is probably what most people think of when they picture a hearing aid. A visible plastic molding is shaped around the outside of the ear. This houses the battery and volume control. A mini-BTE aid with a pick-up device in the ear tip is know as a receiver-in-the-canal type.

The advantage of over-the-ear hearing aids are that they are usually more cost-effective. They also have a longer battery life as they are able to store a bigger power source. They do not need to be custom made so they are simple to fit straight away. BTE models are typically used for mild to severe hearing loss.


In the ear types

All in the ear types are fitted directly into the ear in some way. They range in size from almost completely invisible to fully filling the ear bowl. You might be able to specify the level of discretion you are looking for and balance it against the level of hearing support that you need.

ITE models are easy to use and they are well sheltered within the ear, so they are less likely to pick up wind noise than other styles. It is important that you check and clear your ears frequently when using a hearing device like this as there can be a tendency for earwax to build up behind them.

One of the services that we offer at Celestial Hearing is guidance on choosing your hearing aid. We do this in a way that is sales and jargon-free so you know you are getting impartial, tailored advice. Book an appointment today to start experiencing a better standard of hearing with support from the right hearing device.