When you hear the term ‘hearing aid’, what do you think of? Do you picture of big devices that stick out of the ear, making that whistling sound?

Well, times have changed. The look, feel and functionality of hearing aids has undergone a radical transformation for the better.

The Technology

In this digital world, connectivity is key and hearing aids are no exception. Modern hearing aids have the ability to wirelessly and automatically connect to your TV, radio and even your cell phone, from a distance of up to 30 feet away, ensuring you have a seamless every day audio experience. 

The Look

There are different models for different needs, varying from completely invisible and placed deep in the ear canal, to a discreet behind-the-ear device.

‘In-The-Ear’ models are custom-made for those people with mildly severe to severe hearing loss. Their coverage means they are able to provide maximum coverage and comfort, and they are tailored to the skin color of your ear to be as discreet as possible

‘Invisible-In-Canal’ and ‘Completely-In-Canal’ models are near-invisible. In fact, they are so tiny that they are almost impossible for someone else to detect. This type of hearing aid is suitable for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Finally, we have the more traditional models, ‘Receiver-in-Canal’ and ‘Behind-The-Ear’, which both feature a sleek, transparent acoustical tube, which feeds to a receiver inside the ear canal.

Your Budget

We offer a wide range of models, and have access to all leading hearing aid manufacturers’ products. This means that whatever the extent of your hearing loss, and whatever your budget, we will be able to find a product that will suit you perfectly.

The world of hearing aids has changed dramatically, along with their ability to efficiently and effectively help you live your life to the fullest. Don’t be the average American who waits 15 years before fixing their hearing issues, take action now. We can help you pick the model that would suit you best for both your needs and your budget.


Why not contact us now to book a consultation about your hearing and be one step closer to happier, healthier hearing.